Aanchal Malhotra


Aanchal Malhotra is a multidisciplinary artist and oral historian, working with memory and material culture.
She currently lives in New Delhi and is working on her first book, 
Remnants of a Separation, about the belongings carried by refugees to either side of the border during the Partition of India in 1947.

She received her MFA in Studio Art from Concordia University, Montréal in 2015. Her thesis project entitled Remnants of a Separation, developed and defended under the guidance of photographer Raymonde April, is the first and only study of the material remains of the Partition of the India in 1947.  She also received a BFA in Printmaking/Art History from OCAD University, Toronto in 2011, and won the prestigious University Medal in Printmaking for her thesis entitled Altering Perspective, which explored the concept of the Parallax View, and the essence of an image’s visual deconstruction.

She is interested in banality, acts of recollection, and the malleability of our memory. Her projects explore the written word, various forms of the book, and the versatility of traditional printmaking. They consider notions of cultural diaspora, withdrawing from or belonging to a certain place, collective experiences, and importance of family history and genealogy.

Third generation of the Bahrisons Booksellers family, she has grown up surrounded by books and the written word. She currently works at Red Ink Literary Agency, New Delhi. In the past, she has worked as the Assistant Curator to Sumant Batra at Chitrashala; the Museum of Indian Graphic Art in Kumaon, India; and as a Teaching Assistant to artists Bonnie BaxterBrandon Gunn, and Judy Garfin from 2011-2014, primarily in traditional printmaking courses at Concordia University, Montréal.

Aanchal can also be found at her photoblog, The Hiatus Project, which chronicles her love affair with the city of Delhi, and its history and magic.